1. Strengthening of the Democratic Regimen and Rule of Law


We commit to consolidate the democratic regime and the rule of law to ensure a political stability and cooperation climate, to promote democratic competition and guarantee free and transparent election, pluralism and alternation in power. We declare that representative democracy is the base for rule of law organization, which is strengthened and deepened with permanent, ethical and responsible citizen participation, within the framework of the Constitution.
With this objective, the State: (a) will defend the rule of the Constitution, ensuring the State operates as a unitary and decentralized constitutional State, under the principles of independence, pluralism, checks and balances and others making it up; (b) will guarantee respect for ideas, political organizations and other civil society organizations, and will supervise the defense of fundamental guarantees and liberties, taking into account that the human person and society are the supreme goal of the State; (c) will foster affirmation of a democratic culture to promote a citizenry aware of their rights and duties; and (d) will establish regulations to penalize those who violate or collaborates with the violation of the Constitution, fundamental rights and legality.