6. Foreign policies for peace, democracy, development and integration


We commit to carry out a foreign policy to serve peace, democracy and development, which will promote appropriate country insertion in the world and international market, through close links between foreign actions and national development priorities. We will consolidate Peru’s firm adherence to international law regulations and principles, especially emphasizing Human Rights, the Charter of the United Nations and Charter of the Inter-American System. Likewise, we will guarantee a policy based upon dialogue among State institutions, political organizations and other society organizations.
With this objective, the State: (a) will promote a peace and security climate at global, hemispheric, regional and sub-regional levels, aiming at creating a political stability and trust fostering environment necessary to facilitate the development of our countries and the eradication of poverty. In this context, we will particularly emphasize arm reduction and promotion of disarmament in Latin America; (b) will promote respect for human rights, democracy and rule of law values, and will foster the fight against corruption, drug trafficking and terrorism in the sphere of international relations through concrete initiatives and a dynamic participation in the corresponding regional and global mechanisms; (c) will actively participate in the political, social, economic and physical integration processes at sub-regional, regional and hemispheric levels, and will develop a preferential association policy with our neighboring countries so as to facilitate harmonious development and to create identities and initiatives, negotiation and dialogue capacity that will permit more equitable and reciprocal conditions in sharing in the globalization process. In this connection, it will seek subscription of common sectorial policies; (d) will actively foster sustainable development of the country’s border regions and their integration with similar spaces of the neighboring countries; (e) will strengthen a national diplomacy that will promote and defend Peruvian interests abroad and be the instrument of development, trade expansion, investment attraction and international cooperation resources objectives; (f) will foster global migratory policies that will include the promotion of labor opportunities; and (g) will respect State sovereignty and the non-intervention principle.