7. Eradication of violence and strengthening of public mindedness and citizen security


We commit to regulate and foster actions aimed at strengthening public order and respect for the free exercise of rights and compliance with individual duties.

With this objective, the State: (a) will consolidate policies aimed at preventing, dissuading, sanctioning and eliminating social behaviors and practices that endanger tranquility, integrity or freedom of people as well as public and private property; (b) will promote a civic culture of respect to the law and coexistence regulations, generating citizens’ awareness against violence and social stability frameworks to strengthen Peruvians’ rights and duties; (c) will specially emphasize the extension of legal mechanisms to fight rooted violent practices, such as family mistreatment and rape against the physical and mental integrity of children, elders and women; (d) will guarantee its effective presence in areas vulnerable to violence; (e) will foster a culture of peace through public education and ethics leading to unrestricted respect for human rights, straight administration of justice and reconciliation; (f) will develop a specialization policy in public organizations responsible for guaranteeing citizen security; (g) will promote ethical and civic values among the members of the National Police, as well as their appropriate training and payment; and (h) will promote a national citizen security system in all country provinces and districts, ledi by the mayors and made up by public sector and citizen representatives.