9. National Security Policy


We commit to maintain a national security policy to guarantee independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and safeguard of national interests. We consider this is a task that involves the society at large, the State’s leading organizations, especially the Armed Forces, within the framework of the constitution and the laws. In that regard, we commit to prevent and face any external or internal threat that may endanger social peace, overall security and general well being.

With this objective the State: (a) will foster active participation of all society in achieving national security policy objectives; (b) will guarantee full Armed Forces operation aimed at dissuading, defending and preventing conflict, as well as peace keeping; (c) will foster teaching basic national security concepts at all levels in the national education system; (d) will foster active participation in protecting the Antarctic, the environment, the development of the Amazon forest and national integration; and (e) will keep close coordination within the national defense system and foreign policy to define and defend the State’s permanent interests.