10. Poverty reduction


We commit to effectively prioritize fighting against poverty and reduction of social inequality, applying comprehensive policies and mechanisms geared towards guaranteeing equality of economic and social opportunities. Similarly, we commit to fight discrimination due to inequity among men and women, ethnical origin, race age, believe or disability. In that regard, we privilege assistance to extreme poverty excluded and vulnerable groups.

With this objective, taking into account a sustainable human development approach, with equity among men and women, with no discrimination and in a decentralized fashion, the State: (a) will promote, local business development and employment; (b) will strengthen local management capacities to promote access to information, training, technological transfer and greater access to credit; (c) will promote the execution of logistic and productive infrastructure projects, as part of comprehensive local and regional development plans with the participation of privates; (d) will appoint increasing social investment resources to education and health to maximize program efficiency, orienting them to the poorest population; (e) will foster a full citizenship exercise and citizen participation in identifying needs, designing solutions and managing programs; (f) will establish a local system to identify, attend and promote employment for the needy; (g) will foster institutional development, effectiveness, equity and transparency of the State in the use of resources at large and, especially, in those aimed at poverty reduction programs and fostering civil society participation and surveillance; (h) will guarantee the exercise of people’s rights and access to administration of justice by poor population; and (i) will foster a risk and vulnerability prevention and control culture against disasters, allocating resources for prevention, assistance and reconstruction.