11. Promotion of equal opportunities without discrimination


We commit to effectively prioritize promotion of equal opportunities, acknowledging that there are several social discrimination and inequity expressions, particularly against women, children, elders, ethnic communities, the disabled and the needy, among others. Reduction and further eradication of these inequality expressions temporarily require affirmative actions from the State and society, applying policies and establishing mechanisms aimed at guaranteeing equal economic, social and political opportunities for all the population.

With this objective, the State: (a) will fight all kinds of discrimination, promoting equal opportunities; (b) will strengthen the participation of women as social and political subjects that dialog and build consensus with the State and civil society; (c) will strengthen an institution at the highest State level in its role of steering the policies and programs to promote equal opportunities among men and women, that is, gender equity; (d) will provide women equitable access to productive resources and employment; (e) will develop systems to permit the protection of boys, girls, adolescents, adults elders, women household heads, the needy, the disabled and other people who are discriminated or excluded; and (f) will promote and protect the rights of discriminated ethnic community members, fostering social development programs to comprehensively favor them.