13. Universal access to health and social security services


We commit to ensure the conditions for universal access to health, on a free, continuous, opportune and quality basis, prioritizing the poorest areas and the most vulnerable population. We also commit to promote citizen participation in managing and evaluating health public services.
With this objective the State: (a) will foster health promotion, prevention and control of contagious and chronic degenerative diseases; (b) will promote prevention and control of mental diseases and drug addiction problems; (c) will extend access to potable water and basic sanitation and will control the main environmental pollution; (d) will develop a comprehensive plan to control main emerging and re-emerging diseases, according to the needs or each region; (e) will promote healthy life habits; (f) will extend and decentralize heath services, especially in the poorest areas of the country, prioritizing mothers, children, elders and disabled; (g) will strengthen a social health network by guaranteeing and facilitating citizen and community participation in designing, following up, evaluating and controlling health policies, in Accord with the corresponding local and regional plans; (h) will promote healthy maternity and offer family planning with free election of contraception methods and without coercion; (i) will promote free and massive access of the population to public health services and regulated and complementary private sector participation; (j) will promote universal access to social security and strengthen a health fund to serve the population that is not assisted by the existing social security system; (k) will develop occupational health policies, extending them to social security; (l) will progressively increase the percentage of the budget allocated to the health sector; (m) will develop an intense and sustained policy and timely and appropriate training of human resources involving health to ensure quality and warmth in service to the population; (n) will promote biomedical and operational research, as well as research on natural and traditional medicine use; and (o) will re-establish Social Security autonomy.