17. Affirmation of the social market economy

We commit to support the country’s economic policy on the principles of social market economy, which acknowledges free market but includes the irreplaceable and responsible, promoter, regulator, transparent and subsidiary State that seeks to achieve human development and solidarity in the country through sustained economic growth with social equity and employment.

With this objective, the State: (a) will guarantee the stability of institutions and rules of the game; (b) will promote country competitiveness, consensus strategic planning and sector development policies at national, regional and local levels; (c) will stimulate private investment; (d) will foster infrastructure development; (e) will prevent incumbent abuse and practices that restrict free competition and will favor the participation of consumers organizations all over the territory; (f) will foster equal opportunities that tend to appropriate income distribution; and (g) and will favor strengthening of the national productive apparatus through investing in human capacities and fixed capital.