18. Search for competitiveness, productivity and formalization of the economic activity


We commit to increase the country’s competitiveness aiming at reaching sustained economic growth to generate quality employment and successfully integrate to global economy. Improvement of competitiveness in all businesses modalities, including small and micro businesses, requires an effort of the society at large and, particularly entrepreneurs, workers, and the State to promote access to quality education, stable political and juridical climate that is favorable for private investment and for public and private management. Likewise, we commit to promote and achieve formalization of economic activities and relations at all levels.

With this objective, the State: (a) will consolidate efficient, promoter, transparent, modern and decent decentralization; (b) will guarantee a legal framework to promote formalization and competitiveness of economic activity; (c) will seek effective and continuous administrative simplification, removing access and exit to market barriers; (d) will provide appropriate infrastructure; (e) will promote greater competition in the goods and services, financial and capital markets; (f) will favor a tax policy that does not tax investment, employment and exports; (g) will promote added value for goods and services and will increase exports, especially non traditional ones; (h) will guarantee access to economic information; (i) will foster research, creation, adaptation and technological and scientific transfer; (j) will facilitate training of managers and labor force; and (k) will build competitiveness and business commitment with a national objective culture .