21. Development in infrastructure and housing

We commit to develop infrastructure and housing so as to eliminate their deficit, make the country more competitive, permit its sustainable development and provide each family with the necessary conditions for healthy development in an appropriate environment. The State, at national, regional and local level, shall be the facilitator and regulator of these activities and will foster transfer of their design, building, promotion, maintenance or operation, be it the case, to the private sector.

With the objective of developing infrastructure in the country, the State: (a) will prepare a national infrastructure plan identifying national integration and growth axes, to develop a power, road, port, airport and telecommunications network, that will permit business fluidity and decision making; (b) will provide special treatment to social service work, especially emphasizing health infrastructure, education, sanitation, irrigation and drainage. To do so it will seek the participation of private businesses in their management; (c) will promote development of tourist and export corridors so as to transfer products at reasonable prices, facilitate production chains and consolidate border integration according to national plans; (d) will build local infrastructure with the participation of the population in its building and maintenance. Likewise, aiming at developing housing, the State: (e) will prepare a national housing plan and the necessary regulations to simplify construction and registration of houses in terms of time and cost, and permit densification, lower costs and security; (f) will contribute to consolidate a housing system that is integrated to the private economic system with the State in a subsidiary, facilitator and regulator role; (g) will support families to facilitate them access to dignified housing; (h) will foster implementation of massive and industrialized housing construction techniques, together with the use of quality management; (j) will foster training and accreditation of labor in the construction industry; (k) will foster housing physical, legal formalization, as well as titling to include low income sectors to the formal system; and (l) will seek to improve self built housing quality.