22. Foreign trade policy for extending markets with reciprocity


We commit to develop a foreign trade policy based upon joint efforts by the State and private sector to achieve competitive country insertion in international market.

With this objective, the State: (a) will ensure juridical and macroeconomic stability ; (b) will preserve a flexible exchange policy; (c) will establish a budgetary policy to promote level reduction and dispersion of tariffs, respecting our integration Accords and multilateral commitments; (d) will favor an equitable and neutral tax policy to ensure refunding taxes to exporters; (e) will strengthen the foreign trade logistic chain and will consolidate the custom and trade facilitation system; (f) will improve, with the active participation of the private sector, infrastructure related to foreign trade activities; (g) will establish a dynamic and comprehensive commercial promotion policy; (h) will fight undervaluation, dumping, smuggling, and other disloyal competition modalities; (i) will permanently struggle to remove non-tariff barriers against our exports; (j) will seek new and better trade Accords aimed at increasing and diversifying markets for domestic products and services with value added; (k) will promote the development of an exportable and competitive offer with the participation of small and mid-sized companies; (l) will harmonize the different public policies affecting foreign trade; (m) will articulate different foreign trade public and private sector efforts and will establish a coordinating organ; (n) will promote the organization of small producers and export consortia; (o) will design a comprehensive commercial information system, and (p) will promote management capacity of trade diplomatic missions.