25. Defense of Armed Forces institutional framework and their service to democracy


We commit to optimize the service provided by the Armed Forces concerning peace-keeping and territorial integrity, within unrestricted respect to constitutional precepts, legal order and human rights.

With this objective, the State: (a) will affirm the institutional framework, professionalism and neutrality of the Armed Forces; (b) will guarantee Armed Forces democratic control; (c) will reaffirm its non deliberating character through appropriate civil-military relationship; (d) will promote modern, flexible, efficient, effective and joint action Armed Forces ruled by ethical and moral values characteristic of democracy; (e) will promote their participation in regional defense, hemispheric security and peace missions within the framework of the United Nations Organization; (f) will provide the necessary material elements for the compliance with its constitutional missions and the role assigned by the State; (g) will guarantee application of mechanisms foreseen in the legal order establishing transparency and control in the acquisition and sale of goods and services; and (h) will grant Armed Forces members the right to vote.