26. Promotion of ethics and transparency and eradication of corruption, money laundering, tax evasion and smuggling in all its modalities


We commit to affirm, both in society and State, ethical principles and social values to promote citizen surveillance and produce increasing levels of peace, transparency, trust and effective solidarity.

With this objective: the State: (a) will emphasize the ethical principles that strengthen citizen compliance with regulations; (b) will supervise responsible and transparent performance of public office, promoting citizen surveillance of performance and the strengthening and independence of the National Control System; (c) will eliminate impunity, abuse of power, corruption and disrespect for rights (d) will develop a culture of peace, democratic values and transparency that will receive genuine and pacific complaints from different sectors in society; (e) will promote a culture of respect to the law, solidarity, and anticorruption that may remove practices which the political order, including traffic of influences, nepotism, drug trafficking, smuggling, tax evasion and money laundering; and (f) will regulate public office to prevent its exercise as a function of private interest.