27. Eradication of drug production, traffic and consumption


We commit to adopt a comprehensive policy against drugs which, based upon ethical principles and social values, is made up by educational, economic, commercial, sanction, public health and control elements. We also commit to generate and support efficient alternative farming of profitable products and those aimed at the beneficial use of coca leaves, interdiction systems to eliminate illegal drug trafficking and campaigns aimed at eradicating drug consumption. We will also cater for the situation and needs of the populations most affected by drug trafficking and health of people affected by drug consumption.

With this objective, the State: (a) will promote ethical principles and lifestyles that motivate in society rejection to illegal production, traffic and consumption of drugs, as well as connected illicit activities, through the improvement of education contents and active family participation; (b) will straightforwardly and legally fight drug trafficking and its organization; (c) will promote drug consumption prevention systems and drug addict rehabilitation; (d) will promote comprehensive alternative development to substitute the economy based upon coca farming for a licit, profitable and sustainable economy, seeking access to markets and development of road infrastructure; (e) will respect international commitments on the matter assumed by the country and consolidate acceptance of the shared responsibility principles between “producer” and “consumer” countries; (f) will foster care and recovery of the environment affected by the informality of farming activity devoted to the production of inputs to illicitly manufacture drugs; (g) will fight any existing relationship between illicit drug traffic and corruption of current or former State officials (h) will promote eco-tourism using labor from the affected areas; and (j) will sanction the consumption of illegal drugs.