28. Full effectiveness of constitution and human rights and access to justice and judicial independence


We commit to guarantee universal access to justice, promotion of peace justice and Judiciary’s autonomy, independence and budget, as well as to regulate complementarity between the Judiciary and communal justice. Likewise, we commit to adopt policies that may guarantee fundamental rights enjoyment and effectiveness as established in the Constitution and international treaties in this matter.

With this objective, the State: (a) will promote institutionalization of the Justice Administration System, respecting the Judiciary, the Public Ministry (General Attorney) and the National Magistrate Council and the Constitutional Tribunal’s independence, autonomy and budget, within State modernization and decentralization to serve the citizens; (b) will promote transparence appointment of judicial authorities as well as their valuation and permanent training; (c) will promote a relationship between communal justice and the Judiciary that shall respect the intercultural character of justices of the peace and popular election of justices of the peace; (e) will disseminate conciliation, intermediation, arbitration and, generally, alternative dispute settlement mechanisms; (f) will adopt legal and administrative measures to guarantee the effectiveness and dissemination of the Constitution, will strengthen unrestricted respect for human rights and  will ensure sanctions for those responsible for their violations; (g) will establish surveillance mechanisms for the correct functioning of justice administration, respect for human rights and eradication of judicial corruption in coordination with civil society; (h) will guarantee national coverage and better operation of the Ombudsman’s Office; and (i) will strengthen internal control instances of jurisdictional organs.