30. Elimination of terrorism and affirmation of National Reconciliation


We commit to eliminate terrorism with a comprehensive strategy for its eradication, observing full effectiveness of human rights and due process while at the same time continuing with national reconciliation, with the conviction that only in an environment of peace and concord, will Peru defeat poverty and achieve well-being.

With this objective, the State (a) will develop actions aimed at eradicating terrorism, severely sanctioning the members of terrorist organizations and fighting eventual new modalities of this scourge, especially in its relation with drug trafficking; b) will keep and anti-terrorism legislation compatible with national law and treaties subscribed by Peru concerning Human Rights; c) will foster democratic education, peace culture, civilized coexistence and citizen participation in the defense of the rule of law and the prevention of terrorist activities; d) will prone to comprehensive attention to the sequel of violence and compensation to victims; e) will develop comprehensive programs to support free repopulation and/or reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism violence and f) will promote actions aimed at eliminating violence structural factors.